Our vehicles are equipped with large cab, low roof, manual transmission ZF 16 gears, intarder, retarder, 3 hydraulic steering axle


Among the features of our medium vehicles the manual transmission, the front and rear suspension springs, the air conditioning, the sun visor, the full optional


Our trailers have Adr hydraulic front and rear locking, disc brakes, stabilizer bar, pneumatic suspension with automatic leveller, full optional


We have cranes with connecting rod, remote control, heat exchanger, stabilizer feet. Roll-off case with loader bob italev with folding polyp rear cabin type 130s2, with folding leg stabilizers feet, ardox case, rear doors, 4.0 case


New and Used
industrial vehicles

Trading Truck srl was founded with the commitment of Guseppe and Angela Scaraggi as a company aimed at the trade of used and new industrial vehicles.

In a short time it has become a very well-known and appreciated name at European level for the quality of the vehicles offered, for the wide range of vehicles in stock aimed at meeting all customer needs and for the reliability of his team.

TodayTrading Truck srl is one of the most important used and new multi-brand centers of industrial vehicles internationally.
The company covers a total area of 12,800 square meters and has always continued the goal of following the customer globally: offering new and used multi-brand vehicles ready for delivery and the best financial solutions.

These huge dimensions allow you to have in stock and ready delivery vehicles. The sales force is made up of young people motivated and prepared and able to offer the vehicle suitable for the needs of any customer.

The constant collaboration and passion of the sales team has allowed the company to be one of the most important economic realities in the industry internationally.

We have always worked alongside the customer to find the best answer to his needs!

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